Woods still has a chance


The National Hockey League and National Basketball Association seasons are about to come to a close, and Major League Baseball season has just gotten under way. That means all eyes are  on Augusta, GA and Tiger Woods as he makes his comeback.

It’s Woods first tournament since February and even though he finished a one over par at the Masters it doesn’t mean he is out of it.

Golf is different than most sports. Popular leagues like the NFL, NBA and NHL are team based sports, However, the game of golf is different as it’s a individual performance based sport, which means Woods still has a chance as even though he finished a one over par he still has a chance as there are still three rounds to go.

Woods has been known for making remarkable comebacks in the past. Down multiple shots he still made comebacks to win tournaments in the past.

A lot of people will discount Woods with all his injuries, but that doesn’t mean anything/

The evidence is in the hole in one par three tournament that preceded the Masters. One of golf’s legends in Jack Nicklaus at 75-years-old made a hole in one prior to the tournament.

In the end, Nicklaus’s hole in one shows that in golf it’s not about one’s age, but about consistency.