Health Care


The Affordable Care Act is vital piece of legislation for one huge reason. That reason is the most popular game in America.

Football is a brutal sport and I know this personally, because I lived with torn cartilage I both my hips. For many years I was told that i couldn’t get an mri, because the pain was due to arthritis in my back. It was only when the Affordable¬† Care Act came out that I was able to solve it.

The Affordable Care Act allowed me to go to a hip doctor without a referral. Also, there was no hassle of getting approval from insurance providers.

So, how is it so important to football?

The problem lies in the quality of medical care at the high school levels. Unlike professional sports leagues and colleges, high schools have to rely on regular doctors. Doctors who would have to go their best educated guess without the Affordable Care Act.

So how should it be fixed?

The only fair way would be a commission led by experts in the health care community to come up with the best ideas to fix the Affordable Care Act. Then come up with a plan implement the ideas. Finally, a check and balance system that will make adjustments when needed to the health care system.