Grandparents aren’t so nuts


Being 40-years-old, I grew up with a grandmother that I thought was nuts for bringing advice that at the time I thought was just plain nuts. In reality, they were the most sound minded advice possible.

One of the thing I always heard was, “Don’t waste your food, because there are starving kids in Africa!”

Now, we are in the midst of what I call the Pandemic Depression. People are all stocking up for what they think will be a short couple weeks of isolation. The reality those weeks can turn into long months.

The problem is three fold and that is you need money to buy food and you need food to actually buy. The third might be tricky as it involves the COVID-19 virus.

As for the money problem that won’t really be an issue thanks to the government passing laws that will give Americans money.

The problem is there isn’t any food to buy, because there simply aren’t enough truckers to meet the current demands. This is easily going to be solved by the Defense Production Act that will allow the president to force companies to make changes that will meet current demands.

The tricky part is that we don’t have the data we need on the virus. Yes, we know that some diseases are more easily transmittable in cold weather or warm weather for various reasons. If COVID-19 is easily transmitable in warm weather as well then it is going to be a long year of isolation.

In the end, what our grandparents were telling us was sound minded advice to ration our food and eat small. The reason being that you never know when something will come that will limit what you have.

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