Bills need talent not pieces


For the first time in a very long time the Buffalo Bills are looking to add pieces around a talented young quarterback o offensen. The thing is the Bills need talent not just pieces.

After adding a veteran backup quarterback in Derek Anderson, Josh Allen started to come around and vastly improved showing he has the talent to make ot in the National Football League. That’s great, but this is football and you need other players to surround your quarterback.

When the Bills went to the Super Bowl the Bills aurrounded quartetback Jim Kelly on offense two Hall of Fame wide receivers in Andre Reed and James Lofton. Also, at running back they had Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas. Along with them they had a quality tight end in Pete Metzelaars.

Today, all the Bills have on offense is running back LeSean McCoy and wide receiver Zay Jones.

In the end, the Bills 2019 NFL Draft is all about surrounding Allen with the talent he needs to lead the Bills back to the playoffs and hopefully one day a Super Bowl.

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