Why the Alonso trade makes sense


Many people were stunned by the trade of Buffalo Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso to the Philadelphia Eagles from running back Lesean McCoy. Many have read and heard the various reasons why it was good or bad. However, you may have not read why they Bills did so.

The reason why Alonso was traded was for two reasons. One of which you have may already have heard. Those are he was expendable due to the defenses play in 2014 and the other, which you may have not, is that Alonso injury history is a big factor.

The first reason you heard various times due to the play of linebackers Preston Brown and Nigel Bradham. The second you haven’t unless your read the various articles on the internet when Alonso hurt his knee prior to the 2014 season.

The reason that Alonso injury history is a big concern is that the Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear is his second of his career. The first came in college in 2009 while in college with the Oregon Ducks that caused him to miss the entire 2009 season. So, what does this mean?

It means that going forward anymore knee injuries could cause a decline in his play. That means the Bills would be with a player that is a shadow of himself which would be a huge problem. The problem is that his contract expiring after the 2016 season which would make the offseason prior a huge headache.

So, why not trade a player who is a huge question mark going forward for a sure fire short-term answer with a defense that played well without him.

The inside scoop on Walmart


We all have been to WalMart at one time or another. We also have read recently the article from the Associated Press about how Walmart is trying to change its perception that it doesn’t care about its employees. Well here is the inside scope from a recently fired employee.

I started working in October in hopes of finding a career, but instead I found a corporation that has policies that many will find ridiculous.

As for why I was fired? The answer in its policies and procedures that starts with the number of absences an employee is allowed.

An employee is coached after four unexcused absence in a rolling six month period. Excused abscesses are natural disasters, jury duty bereavement and a leave of absence. An illness or an emergency in the family doesn’t count even with a doctor’s note

My first coaching was for that exact reason. I accrued four absences in a six month period, even though I provided doctor’s notes. The second was for leaning on the counter with my forearms multiple times. The last one was for swearing in the back and kicking a bin for not being asked why I was leaning and telling a customer that Walmart doesn’t provide enough coverage.

Was I wrong for what I did? Yes, I should have said I’m going home, because I’m mad and don’t want to do something stupid.

However, I’ve been wanting to write something since I saw the article by the AP.

Walmart was founded on the simple principal of customer satisfaction guaranteed. My Tire Lube Express manager David Swann, which is at the Hamburg, NY Walmart location, told me the story of how a manager refused to replace a bike that a customer ran over and demanded to be replaced.

The story goes the story goes that the manager refused to replace it citing it wasn’t their fault. The customer then called corporate headquarters in Bentonville, AK and got Mr. Walton himself as he was allegedly notorious for picking up the phone. Mr. Walton then called the store and told the manager to get a dozen roses, get a new bike, go to the customer’s house and apologize.

So, what is the moral of the story? It’s that Walmart has lost its morals and has become the typical corporate machine.

When Mr. Walton was alive it was about making sure enough customers were working to meet the customer’s needs. Today that isn’t so as they have been the typical corporation of trying to schedule as little as possible to satisfy the bottom line. The very day I was fired a customer had to wait 30 minutes for someone in sporting goods after I personally put the request over the loud speaker.

So, where does the blame lie? Does it lie with corporate or with its policy of hiring from within?

The answer to that is that latter as the answer was in the second reason I was coached. At no time did my Support Manager ever ask why I leaned on the counter so much. The reason is that I’ve had osteoarthritis in my lower back for 20 years and it helps alleviate it.

Before I was fired I was told that by him that he’s getting the assistant manager position of TLE since it’s becoming its own separate entity again. Barto is the typical type of manager within Walmart a buddy of the other managers that will blindly follow rules and procedures of the company despite what they feel. Not only does he blindly follow orders he never asked if us service writers needed a break when we were by ourselves as he was occupied in back talking with the other technicians.

I could give you readers a plethora of excuses as why I was fired. The reality is it doesn’t matter. What this article is about is the truth of Walmart’s troubles and how they can go about fixing them.

The first step is stop being cheap with both labor and supplies. At the Hamburg, NY TLE someone took our jump box for cars with dead batteries, our magnet for unlocking security devices and never replaced broken walkie talkies which led us to putting request over intercoms.

The second step is changes to allow employees to call in for illness or an emergency. Asking someone to come in to work even though their child or loved one has been rushed to the hospital is irrational. The last one is Walmart’s biggest challenger.

The last step is their policy of hiring from within. Manto call in for illness or an emergency. Asking someone to come in to work even though their child or loved one has been rushed to the hospital is irrational. The last one is Walmart’s biggest challenger.

The last step is their policy of hiring from within. Many times Walmart hiring’s are managers based on experience from within. The problem with that is most of times they lack the qualifications to be hired at the same position somewhere else. They in turn follow procedures to the letter to satisfy their bosses despite employee and customer feelings.

So, until the upper echelon of Walmart realizes these changes are made, customers are better off going somewhere else for quality customer service.