Bills selling naming rights a clear change


The Buffalo Bills today made an announcement that is clear change from the way business was conducted under Ralph Wilson. The announcement being that then Field House is now known as the Adpro Sports Training Center.

“ADPRO Sports is a long-time partner of the Bills and we are proud to be associated with such a strong Buffalo-based company,” said Bills Chief Revenue Officer Bruce Popko via the team’s official website.

It’s a clear change in business as previously Wilson has stated that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to sell the naming rights as a deal wouldn’t bring in enough money. The selling of the naming rights to the Field House clearly shows that what Wilson said wasn’t true. The truth is he didn’t, because he didn’t have to as the team was making money under him.

Now the question is why all of a sudden a change in philosophy?

The simple answer is the team is going up for sale and selling the naming rights to the Field House will only increase the selling price of the team. This is a telling sign for what is come into the future.

That is Ralph Wilson Stadium will have a new name in the near future.

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