Bills in a Bind


Many Buffalo Bills fans are wondering what the team will do with Marcell Dareus since he was arrested for a second time this offseason. The fact of the matter is the only real option that the team has is helping Dareus like head coach Doug Marrone said last week.

What people are forgetting is that both arrests were outside of the work place. So, if he is going to be suspended for what he did it will have to come from National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell under the Personal Conduct Policy. So, what are the team’s options?

The only options the team has with Dareus is trade him, cut him, bench him or try to help him.

The reality is that none of them make any sense except for the last. Trading him will get you only a late round draft pick, cutting him gets you nothing in return and benching him after going to the Pro Bowl last year is ridiculous.

The fact of the matter is that a player can only get suspended by a team for something that happens while at the team’s facilities.  He’s then is an employee of the team and they are responsible for his actions while there. Only then can he be suspended by the team.

A good example of this is what happened last season when Dareus was benched twice last season by Marrone. The first was for a quarter and then a half the following week for being late to team meetings.

In that instance he is an employee of the Bills as one of his job functions is to attend meeting that is part of preparing for Sunday’s game.

In the end, all we can do is hope that Dareus gets that the decisions he makes can cost him or someone he loves life.

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