Injuring is a part of the game


It has come out that long time National Football League coach Gregg Williams had a program that rewarded defensive players for injuring offensive opponents. The fact of the matter is that is what defensive players are suppose to do.

Football is a violent sport, and when a high school football player puts the pads on for the first time you accept that your life will be different when your done. You know that at some point in time you’re going to sustain some type of major injury.

The whole point on defense is to stop the offense some way some form some how. Whether it be a good solid hit or knocking someone out, hurting offensive players is the name of the game. The reason being it sends a clear cut message that if your going to win there is going to be a price to pay for it.

However, I can understand why the NFL is making a big deal out of this. Things have gotten so out of control with injuries that the league has to minimize them some way some how.

What this incident really is is a message to the high school and other lower levels of football to start taking care of your players. Just don’t run your guys out there and do whatever in the name of a win.

As violent as the NFL is the fact of the matter is high school football is more dangerous. The reason being there are no athletic trainers available, until games that is, and coaches usually have free reign as officials are to busy with other stuff.

In the end, Williams should be punished for this as the intent to injure should come from within a player.


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