Time for Edwards to go


Many Buffalo Bills fans felt that Bills head coach Chan Gailey was making a mistake hiring George Edwards as the team’s defensive coordinator. Well they were right as it’s time for Edwards to go.

The Bills defense has been unable to generate a consistent pass rush. Lets face it besides outside linebacker Arthur Moats and defensive lineman Marcell Dareus there isn’t any and that is Edwards fault.

Seriously, when was the last time you have seen the Bills call a cornerback blitz? We occasionally we see a safety blitz by the Bills strong safety. Even a blitz by a linebacker are rare as you may see one or two a game.

They have talent on that side of the football, especially cornerback. Yes, the Bills cornerbacks have been burned, but what do you expect when you have no pass rush. If you let a quarterback  sit back in the pocket all day he is going to find a open receiver.

In the end, as the saying goes it is a coaches job to put his players in position to succeed, and Edwards clearly isn’t doing that.

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