Bills offense sputters


The Buffalo Bills were defeated Sunday by the Cincinnati Bengals after the Bills offense sputtered. However, it wasn’t by the Bills own hands that the offense sputtered.

Don’t get me wrong the Bills have things to work on, but today’s game was about the officials.

Now, a lot of you may think I am talking about the Stevie Johnson catch that was horribly butchered. That is only a part of it as what I am talking are the three hits to Fitzpatrick that should have been penalties, but were never called.

All three were early in the game and the way that Fitzpatrick played afterwards it’s clear that they affected him. One was a helmet to helmet, one was a hand to the head and the final hit was a helmet to the facemask.

The Bills were lucky that none of them resulted in a concussion. The same cannot be said for the next game this crew does.

In the end, if the NFL doesn’t step in and do something a team is going to lose their starting quarterback for a extended period of time.