Sabres show why their the top dog


Many people in Buffalo feel that the Buffalo Sabres are the top sports team in town. That notion has once again been proven as the Sabres locked defenseman Tyler Myers for a long time.

The Sabres announced Thursday that they signed Myers to a seven year $38.5 contract. The deal shows that Sabres general manager Darcy Regier has learned from his dealing with former Sabres forward Daniel Briere, forward Chris Drury and defenseman Brian Campbell.

The Bills on the other hand are sitting and waiting for two key players to prove themselves worthy of a contract extension in quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

The fact of the matter is good teams recognize solid young talent and lock them up before anyone else can get their paws on them. Also, even if a good team isn’t quite sure about a player they load the contract with incentives to make sure that the player is happy if he performs and that the team is covered if things don’t turn out right for them.

In the end,  if the Bills are ever going to be a winning team again they need to learn  to take risks.

The fact of the matter is if

Time for Peyton to call it a career


The Indianapolis Colts on Monday confirmed that nerve tissue in Peyton Manning is taking longer to heal than expected. With that news it is clear that Manning needs to call it a career.

The problem stems from Manning’s second operation on his neck in less than two years. If it were another part of his body other than his head this wouldn’t be a big issue.

Buffalo Bills fans learned after the injury to former Bills tight end Kevin Everett that the spinal column is not something to mess with. One little slip up could result in your body being changed forever.

Manning doesn’t have the strength in his triceps needed to perform at a high level in the National Football League. The thing is that strength may never comeback.

In the end, it’s hard to step away from football, but in this instance it’s clear that it is time for Manning to retire.