It will only get harder


With the Buffalo Bills defeating the New England Patriots NFL teams are now aware the Bills are for real. That means it’s only going to get tougher for the Bills.

The Bills won’t have it easy all year as they still have to face the Patriots again, the Jets twice, the NFC East, the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans. On top of that teams will be looking to knock the new kids off their pedastal.

However, as we have already seen in the first three weeks the Bills don’t care who they face all they want to do is win. That is exactly the type of attitude they need as it is just as important to be mentally prepared for a game as physically.

in the end, bring it on NFL, because in the Bills mind their the team to beat.

Their back!


The Buffalo Bills were looking to prove that they aren’t the same football team that they were last year. Well they did that with a 34-31 win over the New England Patriots.

The Bills got into a hole early as after a opening drive touchdown by the Patriots and when Bills wide receiver Donald Jones missed a catchable pass that sailed into the arms of the Patriots defense. That eventually turned into a touchdown by the Patriots putting them up 14-0. The score even got to 21-0 in favor of the Patriots before the Bills got rolling.

However, even before the game they knew that if they were going to win the defense needed to step up and make some plays. They did just that in the form of four interceptions of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

What it shows is that this young group of guys in less than two years  have matured and come into their own under head coach Chan Gailey.

In the end, in their back!


Sabres show why their the top dog


Many people in Buffalo feel that the Buffalo Sabres are the top sports team in town. That notion has once again been proven as the Sabres locked defenseman Tyler Myers for a long time.

The Sabres announced Thursday that they signed Myers to a seven year $38.5 contract. The deal shows that Sabres general manager Darcy Regier has learned from his dealing with former Sabres forward Daniel Briere, forward Chris Drury and defenseman Brian Campbell.

The Bills on the other hand are sitting and waiting for two key players to prove themselves worthy of a contract extension in quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

The fact of the matter is good teams recognize solid young talent and lock them up before anyone else can get their paws on them. Also, even if a good team isn’t quite sure about a player they load the contract with incentives to make sure that the player is happy if he performs and that the team is covered if things don’t turn out right for them.

In the end,  if the Bills are ever going to be a winning team again they need to learn  to take risks.

The fact of the matter is if

Time for Peyton to call it a career


The Indianapolis Colts on Monday confirmed that nerve tissue in Peyton Manning is taking longer to heal than expected. With that news it is clear that Manning needs to call it a career.

The problem stems from Manning’s second operation on his neck in less than two years. If it were another part of his body other than his head this wouldn’t be a big issue.

Buffalo Bills fans learned after the injury to former Bills tight end Kevin Everett that the spinal column is not something to mess with. One little slip up could result in your body being changed forever.

Manning doesn’t have the strength in his triceps needed to perform at a high level in the National Football League. The thing is that strength may never comeback.

In the end, it’s hard to step away from football, but in this instance it’s clear that it is time for Manning to retire.

Nice start for Bills


The Buffalo Bills got the regular season off to a nice start by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 41-7.  However, it’s only one game against a team that wasn’t that good to begin with.

The Buffalo in the past decade have feasted off bad football teams and fell apart when they have played sold against the better teams in the National Football League. That means week three’s game against the New England Patriots will be a tone setter for the remainder of the season.

Over the past decade the Bills have defeated the Patriots only once. That means if the Bills want any shot at winning the division or making the playoffs they have to beat the Patriots.

In the end, hopefully this is year that the Bills finally get over the hump withe the Patriots.

Game against Kansas City will be a big sign


The Kansas City Chiefs won their division last year even though they played very few good teams. With the Chiefs being the Buffalo Bills regular season opener the game will be a sign of how the Bills season will go.


I like many other Bills fans feel the team has a better chance at going 0-16 than have a winning record.

The thing is if there if ever was a game to avoid that it will be the Chiefs as starting quarterback Matt Cassel may not play with a cracked rib. That means if Cassel doesn’t play and the Bills still lose then it will be a long season.

In the end, if the Bills lose Buffalonians will be asking when does hockey start.

Bills in the Luck


The Buffalo Bills had a pretty dismal preseason with their only win coming in overtime against the Jacksonville Jaguars. After roster cuts made by the Bills it apparent the team is in the sweepstakes for Andrew Luck.

First, there is the starting offensive line. The only definitive starter is center Eric Wood. The starters for the four other offensive line positions are unknown. On top f that they released last year’s starting center Geoff Hangartner without giving him a real shot at the right guard position.

Secondly, there is the depth of the Bills. To put it simply, there is really none. The only positions that has depth are wide receiver, defensive line and linebacker. That means the Bills are up the creek if quarterback Ryan F

courtesy of

patrick gets hurt for an extended period of time, which will most likely happen with the right side of the offensive line being garbage.

Finally, there are injuries. The Bills had a bundle of injuries during training camp. Even though they weren’t serious, the mere fact that there were double digit number injured players who missed a practice is very alarming.

In the end, it is going to be a long season for Bills fans.