Jackson situation shows how bad it is


Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson for the last several years has proven to be the Bills top running back. Howver, that isn’t the case and Jackson’s situation shows how bad it is inside the Bills.

According to WGR 550, Jackson is upset with the team over the fact that he hasn’t been told anything about who is the starter right now.

“I’ve been saying it, I feel like a number one back and I should be treated like one.” Jackson said. “I should know what’s going on and know where I stand and what the situation is.”

Jackson feels disrespected, because he feels he has proven to the Bills that he is the clear cut starter and the team has yet to treat him like one.

Jackson is spot on as he has been one of the Bills most productive offensive players running and catching the football. Fellow Bills running back C.J. Spiller had a chance at the starting position last year, but failed to keep it and shouldn’t be given one until he proves other wise with the limited amount of plays he gets.

In the end, Bills head coach Chan Gailey better resolve this issue quickly, because if he doesn’t  it will tear his team up.


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