Bills are close to playoffs


Many people view the Buffalo Bills as a team that has no chance of making the playoffs. The fact is one subtle move could put them in contention for it.

The Bills biggest problem for several years now has been the run defense. Even though the Bills drafted defensive lineman Marcell Dareus third overall in last April’s NFL draft, the Bills run defense will still be bad.

The main problem with the run defense is nose tackle Kyle Williams. Williams cannot handle double team blocking and that is a big problem for any defense.

What it does is that it allow one of the two opposing offensive lineman to release quickly and neutralize linebackers, which creates gaping holes in the line.

Williams isn’t a complete waste as he proved last year he can make plays against single team blocking. So, if the Bills were to move him to defensive end, and let Torell Toup and Kellen Heard battle for the nose tackle spot, the Bills could have a top 10 defense.

A solid defense would mean more opportunities to put up points. The more points the more wins they are going to rack up.

In the end, the Bills are so close to the playoffs, but are yet so far.