Coordination won’t prevent injuries


According to Pro Football Talk, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett plans to coordinate with Denver Broncos John Fox on how things will go for their game on August 11th. The thing is all the coordination in the world isn’t going to prevent injuries from happening.

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The idea is to talk and see how long each team plans to use their starters and come to some kind of an arrangement in order to prevent injuries.

That is the wrong approach, because each team is different. Some teams like the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints won’t have to play their starters very long, because many of their starters are veterans and already know the entire playbook.

On the other hand there are teams like the Buffalo Bills who have a lot of young starters or had  a new head coach last year. That means very little, if any, of the starters will know the entire playbook, and will have to play longer in games.

In the end, head coaches need to go by what they feel is best for their team, and not what another team’s head coach wants to do.