What to expect from Spiller


Listening to WGR 550 and hearing Joe Buscalia talk about Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller having to show something got me thinking.

What should we expect from Spiller?

Spiller last season rushed for 238 yards on 74 attempts. Receiving, Spiller caught 24 passes for 157 yards receiving and a touchdown. The thing is what people forget is that the Bills had running back Marshawn Lynch for the first four games of last year’s regular season.

Courtesy of Redbubble.com

Lynch in the four games rushed 37 times for 164 yards with one reception for seven yards. Without Lynch, Spiller would have rushed for 402 yards on 111 attempts and would have caught 25 passes for 164 yards receiving. Put them two together Spiller would have compiled 562 total yards.

What people forget is that the Bills run defense has been one of the worst in the NFL for several years now. That means the offense sees the football a lot less, that translates to less rushing plays for the running backs, especially if they are trailing.

Spiller should improve on those numbers. That means for Spiller’s season to be successful, in a backup role, he needs to compiles more than 600 total yards.

In the end, the time to get on Spiller will be when the Bills are winning and he has a bad game, but unfortunately those are far and few in between these days.