Barnett worth the risk


The Buffalo Bills announced Sunday that they have signed free agent linebacker Nick Barnett. Even though Barnett missed significant time in two of the last three with his former team the Green Bay Packers, signing him was well worth the risk.

Barnett missed most of the 2008 season after tearing knee ligaments and missed most of last year due to a wrist injury. However, when healthy Barnett is a better player than the recently departed Paul Posluszny.

Posluszny may have recorded a career high in tackle last season with 151, but there are other areas that Barnett is clearly better at than Posluszny.

Courtesy of the Buffalo Bills website

First, Barnett is clearly a better pass rusher than Posluszny. Barnett in his last full season in 2009 recorded four sacks while Posluszny has never recorded more than two in a single season.

Another other area that Barnett is better in is pass coverage. Barnett in 2009 and 2006 recorded seven pass deflections in each year while the most Posluszny has ever had was six. Also, Barnett has recorded more interceptions over the first four years of his career with seven than Posluszny’s mere four, three of which came in one season.

Finally, there is one other area that Barnett has proven to be better at, and that is staying healthy. Before 2008 Barnett only missed two games out of five full seasons. Posluszny on the other has only played one full season of his first four years in the National Football League.

Posluszny for his entire football life has played in the North East being born in Pennsylvania, playing college football at Penn State and his first four years with the Buffalo Bills. So, what do you think is going to happen in his firstĀ  year round heat football season? He is going to suffer some kind of muscle or ligament injury that will end his year.

In then end, considering that Barnett is also making three million less, I’ll take my chances on Barnett thanks.

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