A method to their madness


Like many Buffalo Bills fans, when I heard Bills general manager Buddy Nix say that they were moving Arthur Moats from outside linebacker to inside linebacker my initial reaction was if they are stupid. However, thinking about it the move actually makes sense.

Many people forget that Moats started training camp last year at inside linebacker. Then later in the camp they moved him to outside linebacker where he made plays on the field later in the year. That means if need be Moats can easily move back to outside linebacker while he gets looks at another position.

Also, what it does is it allows the Bills to get a full look at outside linebacker Aaron Maybin. Maybin didn’t get a lot of snaps or looks, because the team was dissatisfied with his play at practice. It got to the point where he wasn’t on the game day roster a couple of times last year.

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However, there is hope for him as one of his close friends is fellow Bills outside linebacker Shawne Merriman. That means the Bills are looking for Merriman to mentor Maybin until he is ready to take the field. Merriman terrorized quarterbacks earlier in his career so if there is anybody that can get Maybin going it is him.

The Bills have a lot of time in that department as Maybin’s contract runs through the end of the 2013 season, actually it  runs through 2014, but it is voidable by the player. So, Maybin can learn under Merriman for two years and then take his place if Merriman doesn’t workout. Or, Maybin could take outside linebacker Chris Kelsay’s place, if Merriman works out, as he turns 32 this October.

In the end, hopefully things work out, because losing absolutely sucks.

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