Beware of free agency


Year after year free agency gets a ton of hype, especially when a big name is on the market, however time and time again free agents fail.

Two years ago the big news in free agency was defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth signing with the Washington Redskins. Now, Haynesworth is no longer a Redskin as he was traded to the New England Patriots Thursday.

The fact of the matter is teams sign players mostly on reputation. Some of it is based on a players skill and where he would fit, but not as much as it should be.

What NFL fans should be concerned about is if their favorite team resigns their free agentsplayers. If they don’t who gives a crap, because the player will be hitting the market again in two years after they are cut for being a bust.

There are only a few instances where a player signed in free agency works out like when the New Orleans Saints signed quarterback Drew Brees and when the Buffalo Bills signed

courtsey of Total Pro Sports

linebacker Takeo Spikes, that is before he blew his achilles tendon out.

A good example of how important it is to resign your own players is the Bills. Of their first round draft picks since the turn of the century only one pick made it to a second contract with the Bills and that is wide receiver Lee Evans.

What it goes to show is that that the team has so much turnover that the players no longer fit their schemes or they are terrible at drafting players. Simply, if a team is not resigning their own players they aren’t going to be very good, because there will be a lot of holes.

In the end, drafting well has and always will be what will make or break a team.