One big question still looms


There is one question that I have that still remains unanswered even though we have a new CBA in the NFL. That being can NFL teams spread out signing bonuses like they used to under the previous CBA.

Under the old CBA teams were able to spread out signing bonuses. That allowed teams to actually spend more in cash than the cap really was.

With a new CBA to be in place very soon the question has still yet to be answered by the NFL, or even reported by the media.

That is a big question that has yet to be answered. All that has been reported is that teams must spend 99 percent of the cap in cash this year. That clearly doesn’t address if teams are allowed to go over the cap in actual cash.

In the NFL there are two ways that NFL teams go about handling the salary cap. The first one is just what I just explained. The other is a cash to cap system where teams count the full signing bonus against the cap that year and only spend up to what the cap number is.

Obviously, this is a big issue as there first method allows teams to spend a lot of money that translates usually to spending on free agents. That of course leaves teams like the Buffalo Bills, who uses the cash to cap system, at a big disadvantage.

In the end, hopefully it is the cash to cap system that is in place, because parity is what got the NFL to be the biggest sport in the U.S.


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