Back to business


Smith and Goodell at Monday's press conference announcing CBA

With the NFLPA unanimously approving the collective bargaining agreement Monday it is back to business for everyone in the NFL.

It was a long drawn out process, but like usually when it came to crunch time things got done. So, on to real football commentary.

The first and foremost thing the Bills have to do is resign free agent linebacker Paul Posluszny. That shouldn’t be a problem for the Bills.

The old salary cap teams could actually spend more than the cap by spreading out signing bonuses over the length of the contract. While it isn’t clear if teams can still spread out signing bonuses, the one thing that is for certain is that the Bills have salary cap space.

The Bills approach to the salary cap was a cash to cap system. Meaning what ever the salary cap was that is what they spent up to in actual dollars. That means if they if they gave out a five year contract with a $10 million signing bonus the Bills counted the full $10 million against the cap instead of just NFL’s formula that was two million.

In regards to Posluszny’s contract the Bills will have to give him what he wants or he will walk.

As for other free agents the only real glaring need is at right tackle. However, with the Bills taking tackle Ed Wang in the 2010 NFL Draft the team will most likely go with him or someone else on the roster. So, don’t expect the Bills to make a big splash this week in free agency

In the end, hopefully they are smart and keep Posluszny and their other free agents, besides safety Donte Whitner, because there isn’t enough time to get someone outside of the organization up to speed.

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