Now we know why Wilson voted yes


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In a surprising near unanimous vote, National Football League owners voted 31-0, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining, to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement,

Well now we know why Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson approved of the new CBA as well.

That reason was revealed in the NFL press conference that followed the vote by owners. That being, via Pro Football Talk,  owners approving of a new supplemental revenue sharing program. The details of which have yet to be reported.

What it means is that the Bills will get help to keep up with the likes of the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins to compete. Also, it should help the Bills be a little bit more attractable to any future owners.

However, a deal is set yet as NFL players have to ratify the proposed CBA. Reports right now are that some of the NFLPA executive committee aren’t thrilled with it.

In the end, hopefully NFLPA will approve it so that and we can all get back to football