Anthony trial error brings questions


According to the New York Times, the software that was used in the Casey Anthony trial had a flaw in the software. The problem is that prosecutors and Sheriffs Department were well aware of the problem.

A key part of prosecutors case was that Anthony conducted searches about chloroform 84 times.

According to CacheBack designer John Bradley, he discovered the problem after he testified when the defense introduced the other search.  Upon learning that, Bradley felt he was obligated to look over his program again as Anthony’s life hanged in the balance.

Once the problem was fixed, Bradley learned that the correct search on chloroform was indeed one time. On top of that the search was about how chloroform was used in the 1800s.

Bradley then called the Sheriffs department to inform them of the error, but they already knew of the discrepancy. Bradley went on to state that he waited to see if prosecutors would fix it in court, but the never did.

Courtesey of the New York Times by Red Huber

The reason is simple without the search results on chloroform they had no case and charges would have been dismissed.


The thing is even if Anthony was convicted the news still would have come out. That would have led to her conviction being overturned on appeal.

What pisses me off is that there is sure to be more instances like this in previously prosecuted cases that will be reported in the months to come. Instances that could result in a serial killer being set free.

In the end, things are only going to get messier in Florida and people need to be held accountable for them.