New CBA doesn’t assure regular season


Many National Football League fans are surely getting excited over reports that a new collective bargaining agreement will be reached soon. The fact is though a new CBA doesn’t assure a regular season.

What many media outlets are forgetting is that retired players, led by former Minnesota Viking Carl Eller,

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filed a claim against National Football League owners and players claiming that they purposely were left out of negotiations to keep retired players benefits artificially low. This is after they were initially were a part of negotiations, but have been left out since.

A hearing on that is set for August 8th which leaves plenty of time for federal judge Susan Richard Nelson to rule on the matter before the regular season starts.

The thing is if Nelson rules in favor of retired players a new CBA could also be declared null and void as it was reached illegally. If that were to be the case the only way the regular season would be saved is a emergency ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals Eighth Circuit.

In the end, hopefully a new CBA gives retired players some dramatic improvements to retired players health care and pensions, because if it doesn’t kiss the regular season goodbye.