What a coward


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

According to an article by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports, via Pro Football Talk, a unnamed NFL player was quoted as saying “ As for Goodell, he needs to drop his nuts.”

The only person that needs to drop some nuts is the unnamed player.

The quote was in regards to a new collective bargaining agreement as the player was obviously upset that there were constant reports that a deal was close. The player went on to say that the two sides aren’t close and its owners leaking info to pressure players into a deal.

Even if this is correct it still doesn’t make what he said about Goodell right. Football is a brutal sport played among men, so for a player to go to the media instead of Goodell goes to show how much of a coward the person is.

When a real man has a problem with someone they go and tell it to the person’s face.

Also, it sounds like the player was a NFLPA player rep that wasn’t in the room during negotiations. So, his quote is meaningless as NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has stated in a conference call that they weren’t close in case talks broke down.

In the end, shut up and go hide underneath the rock that you came from scumbag.

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