Retired player complaint could kill preseason


According to the Associated Press, retired players have filed a complaint against NFL owners and players.

Simply, if they win their complaint then kiss the preseason and possibly the regular season goodbye.

In the complaint retired players have claimed the NFLPA cannot negotiate on their behalf, because they aren’t a union and is therefore a antitrust violation.

One of the plaintiffs Carl Eller had a earlier lawsuit against NFL owners was combined with the players lawsuit against owners. At first Eller and his representatives were a part of the process, but since have been excluded.

Also, Eller claimed that owners and player are conspiring to keep pensions and disability payments low in order maximize the salary cap.

If the retired players win it would set back negotiations as any agreement between players and owners over how they are splitting nine billion dollars would be subject to the retired players approval. The chance of retired players approving it is slim to none as they want drastic changes made due to years of neglect.

In the end, if owners and players had addressed retired players problems a lot earlier something like this wouldn’t be happening.