I believe it when I see it


Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com, via Pro Football Talk, reports that a new collective bargaining agreement between NFL owners and the NFLPA could come in days.

Simply, I will believe it when I see it.

Just because the two sides are close doesn’t mean anything. The pair looked like to be heading towards some kind of agreement back in March when the pair were in negotiations, but things broke down.

Freeman reports that 80-85 percent of the next labor deal has been negotiated. That means there are still issues that could prove to be sticking points. Nor, does it mean that the two have addressed the main issue of splitting the $9 billion in revenue.

In the end, hopefully things keep going well, because summer is getting really boring.


Lebron and Wade get what they deserve


Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and forward LeBron James before game five of the National Basketball Association Finals mocked Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki’s fever.Well they got what they deserve as the Mavericks took game six to win the NBA Championship 105-95.

Many NBA fans have hated the Heat for what James did to his old team in the Cleveland Cavaliers in ditching them to join forces with Wade. However, what they pulled before game five possibly cemented their role as villains to many and that makes watching the Heat go down in flames all the sweeter.

James once again crumbled under the pressure as once the stakes rose James turned into a mere average player. Sunday night James had a okay night scoring 21 points with four rebounds and six assists.

The problem is the heat outside the big three have nothing and that doesn’t make for a championship team. What makes a great team is a collection of players that excel in the roles they are brought on for.

During the Chicago Bull six NBA title run they head three-point shooting specialist in guards  John Paxton and Steve Kerr. At power forward was their rebounding specialists in Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman who also put in the occasional basket. Then when guard Michael Jordan couldn’t get a good shot he would dish it off to Scottie Pippen who would make himself available in case Jordan had to dish the ball off.

The Heat don’t have those type of players, especially guys that make themselves open if needed. All the Heat players seem to do is just stand there hoping someone will shoot the ball.

In the end, the Heat will never win a NBA title, because simply James and Wade are not complementary players.

A tough time ahead for Brady


Tom Brady has a lot going for him with three Superbowl titles, a superstar wife and a top notch organization in the New England Patriots.

However, there are tough times ahead for Brady.

According to the San Jose Mercury New, via Pro Football Talk, Brady’s quarterback mentor Tom Martinez has been told by doctors that he has anywhere from a week to a month to live depending on medication. The news was dictated to his daughter Linda Martinez Haley and was then posted subsequently on Facebook.

Martinez has suffered complications over the years from his battle with diabetes and that apparently is the cause for the grim news.

This will obviously have an effect on Brady coming up this season as for the first time in many years he won’t have his mentor to turn to when times are tough. Brady is turning 34 this year and sooner or later his skills will erode. At that transitional stage you would want some like Martinez around to help point out the things that you need to do differently now to be successful.

In the end, how Brady deals with this tragic turn of events will determine the Patriots season.



Nice going Woodley


Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Lamarr Woodley gave some bulletin board material to their rival Baltimore Ravens recently in comments he made to the NFL Network.

Simply, nice going Woodley.

Woodley stated on the NFL Network, via Pro Football Talk, that the Ravens will never make the Superbowl in this lifetime. The thing is does he mean in his football lifetime or regular lifetime, because if he meant the later then he can keep dreaming, because the Ravens will eventually.

Woodley’s statements is down right stupid as the Ravens have a veteran team and will take any statement against them, and use it as motivation.

One other thing Woodley isn’t considering is injuries. Injuries are a big part of football and if the two teams happen to square off in the AFC Conference Championship game one year, and the Steelers lost starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger the previous week to injury, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Ravens will get past them.

In the end, Woodley needs to think before he talks, because the only thing that he has done is make it harder to beat the Ravens.


The pictures don’t lie


Pro Football Talk pointed out an article in the Green Bay Press-Gazette that the gravesite of legendary National Football League coach Vince Lombardi has not been taking care of properly.

Even though the Lombardi family has refuted the claims the evidence doesn’t lie.

According to the article, 58-year-old retired police officer Gary Martin has taken it upon himself  to clean up the grave a couple times a year.

“The grave was in total disarray,” said Martin. “You couldn’t even read his name. It was totally overgrown. It took a lot of work. You can’t believe the work it takes.”

Martin started doing this 25 years ago after visiting the grave and finding it totally neglected. Since then he has taken it upon himself to make sure that the grave site is clean. At first he would make the three hour round trip from his home in Parsippany, N.J once a month. However, that is now down to four times a year due to a bad back.

One could dismiss the claim if Martin was the only person talking, but that isn’t the case as Lombardi’s secretary from the Green Bay Packers Lori Keck has also come out talking about it as well.

“I was absolutely amazed that no one (had been) taking care of the gravesite,” said Keck. “I don’t want to create any problems here, but I’m very surprised that the family wasn’t doing it. He’s an icon and the Super Bowl trophy is named after him. Somebody ought to be taking care of that gravesite.”

Also, the photos accompanied with the article at the Press-Gazette article make it clear that what Martin is saying is true.

Hopefully, National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell will step up and pay for the daily or weekly maintenance of the site.

In the end, any which way even if the NFL or the Lombardi family don’t step up someone will as Lombardi is too important to the history of the NFL to have his gravesite neglected.

Titans should just cut Britt


Many people knew going into the National Football League lockout that arrests amongst players would be up since they have more times on their hands. However, nobody could expect the stupidity of Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt.

For it the Titans need to should just cut him when the lockout is lifted.

You think that getting arrested once would have changed Britt’s ways for at least a little while. Well apparently he never got that message not once, twice or five other times as Britt was arrested this week for the sixth time in two years, according to the Tennessean, via Pro Football Talk.

One thing is for sure Britt will face some kind of discipline from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as six different offenses in a two year span is simply not excusable.

Yes, I know that the National Football League players association will beg to differ as his last two offenses occurred during the lockout. However, Britt is still an employee of the NFL and since he is still under contract he and others should be held accountable for them once things are settled out.

In the end, Goodell will do something, because if he doesn’t it will send a message that it is okay to violate the law.


Some people are idiots


Last night I wrote that there was most likely going to be something else that would come out i conjunction with Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor and that happened soon there after as it has been reported by that Pryor took in thousands in autograph signings.

It goes to show that some people are idiots.

It is amazing that people, especially college football players, think that they can keep getting away with something if they are doing it time and time again. Not only was Pryor engaging in this frequently he was also leaving a trail of evidence.

First, Pryor engaged in the transactions in front of friends. The thing is a friend could eventually become an enemy and blab about what happened, and that was the case as a former friend of Pryor ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” about it. In addition to witnesses Pryor also left a paper trail by depositing checks from the memorabilia dealer whose name is Dennis Talbott.

It’s amazing to me that these people think that they can get away with something like this. Maybe a few do get away from it, but for the majority of them them they are caught, because college and National Football League players are now such high profile public figures that fans are now diving into their personal lives when they can.

In the end, just don’t do it, because eventually you are going to mess up and get caught.


Coaches that don’t speak out could be in trouble


So far 15 of the 32 National Football League teams have come forward to say that they had no prior knowledge of the National Football League Coaches Association’s brief it filed.

Those who don’t speak out against the brief could be in trouble with their owners.

Billionaires don’t get to be billionaires by being all nice and chummy with employees. They get there by making sure their employees follow what they were instructed to do and don’t speak out against them.

Those who say nothing about the brief give the impression that their coaches support it. Thus, those who support it speak out against their owner’s actions. However, there is one big difference between players and coaches.

That difference is that players are a union and the coaches are a trade association. That means players have more power with owners as they stand as a group. Coaches on the other hand don’t stick together as most of them usually protect numero uno.

There has been some speculation that coaches who speak out against the brief will lose its players as a unnamed player told the Houston Chronicle, via Pro Football Talk, that your with them or not. The thing is though they are under contract and can easily solve this by individual talk to players.

Owners on the other hand are harder to solve problems with as they control the power. Players don’t have that kind of power and are thus subject to do whatever is told of them if they are under contract.

In the end, don’t be surprised after the next football season there are a lot more firings than usual.

Buyer beware with Burress


National Football League wide receiver Plaxico Burress will finally be released from jail on Monday after receiving a two year sentence for possession of a loaded unregistered firearm.

So, with Burress finally back on the free agent market buyers should be aware.

According to the Associated Press, via Pro Football Talk, Burress’s agent Drew Rosenhaus has stated that many teams want him.  If that is the case then many teams must be smoking some wacky tobaccy, because Burress skills should be rusty.

Yeah, Burress physically will be in shape from being able to weight lift like many other teammates.  However, his receiving skills should have taken a hit.

I understand that there are pickup football games that Burress would have been able to play in and keep his skills sharp. The thing is though there is no replacement for actual practicing with an actual quarterback and being in actual National Football League games.

When former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was released in jail it was obvious right from the onset that some of his skills diminished in prison.

In the end, with Burress being 34 in August Rosenhaus can pump up his client all he wants, but the fact of the matter is Burress isn’t the same man and teams know it.

The aftermath


Football no matter what level of organized play can leave a person’s life changed when it’s over.

So, here is a look into the aftermath.

Football has left me physically disabled as a result of a injury I sustained on the field. The injury was a disc bulge in the vertebrata near my hips and due to this I developed osteo arthritis in that area.

With arthritis I cannot work most jobs as I cannot lift over 30 pounds. Also, I cannot stand for more than a hour without having to sit due to pain.

Also, due to many concussions my brain has been affected, which has effected chemicals as well.

At a mere age 32-years-old I have to put on androgel for low levels of testosterone. I also suffer from anxiety, depression and memory problems.

To be honest, what has me worried the most are the memory problems. Most of the time memory problems comes in the form of forgetting tasks and where I put stuff. However, there has been more serious incidents as a couple time I have completely forgotten where I am even though I am in a area I am familiar with.

In the end, hopefully college and high school teams will follow the National Football League and start clamping down on dangerous hits and the mentality of playing injured.