Time to play the numbers

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With the Buffalo Sabres signing defenseman Christian Ehrhoff to a long term deal the Sabres are now going to have to play with some numbers in regards to their salary cap.

According to the Buffalo News the Sabres have about $10.5 million in salary cap space. However, there is a clause that allows a team to go over their cap by 10 percent, which equates to $6.4 million. However, the team must be under the salary cap come start of the regular season.

The problem is that the Sabres have three restricted free agents to sign in defensemen Andrej Sekera, Mike Weber and Marc-AndreĀ  Gragnani. The total to resign all three will be around $2.5-$3.0 million. In addition the Sabres need to resign forward Cody McCormick for their fourth line and he was $500 thousand last year.

That means the Sabres have about $7.0 million in cap space, $2.0 million of which would be reserved for call ups. That means if the Sabres are going to sign forward Brad Richards they are going to have to come up with some creative ways to sign him or make roster moves.

If the Sabres do sign Richards what will most likely happen is that forwards Ales Kotalik and Jochen Hecht will be traded for draft picks or bought out. That would open a position at center that will most likely be filled by center Luke Adam who was the AHL’s rookie of the year.

In the end, this summer is going to be one crazy ride following the Sabres.



Detroit can keep Hockeytown


The Detroit maybe known as Hockeytown, but they can keep it, because Hockey Heaven is great.

Buffalo Sabres president Ted Black stated that Buffalo will be Hockey Heaven. Well the Sabres have since proven to be just that.

It started with the installation of a rug that had the Sabres logo on it. Then it continued on to the announcement that they were redesigning the locker rooms and has now spread to the roster itself.

The team already made a big splash last weekend by trading for defenseman Robyn Reghr, and many may have thought that be it until free agency opens. Well that wasn’t the case as Wednesday night it was announced that the Sabres acquired the negotiating rights to defenseman Christian Ehrhoff for a fourth round pick, according to TSN

courtsey of Buffalosportsdaily.com


Just the mere notion of Sabres general manager Darcy Regier doing such a thing is stunning. Now, you can add on to that as Regier followed through and signed Ehrhoff.

If soon to be unrestricted free agents haven’t noticed what the Sabres have been doing they sure have now as two major acquisitions in the matter of weeks sends the message that the only thing that matters is a Stanley Cup.

In the end, Hockey Heaven is already fantastic.