Meetings turn out to be an update


Many people were speculating prior to the National Football League owner meetings that it was going to be a forum on what owners don’t like about the negotiations.

It turned out to be is just an update on labor negotiations.

Many media outlets are disappointed because a rift between owners would have made a compelling story. Especially, if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell somehow repaired that rift.

Most likely, some owners just gave a comment to employees that they don’t like about the collective bargaining agreement. Then those employees started telling others and the owners comments spread like a wildfire.

However, there are some positives to take away from the meetings. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. players will get 48 percent of all revenues, a player will need four years to become a unrestricted free agent and there will be a new revenue stream in games being played on Thursday.

Yes, there are many other details that have to be worked out, including drug testing and the limit to organized team activities.

In the end, it looks like everyone wised up and decided that the NFL has a great thing going.