Bills departure would be death blow to area


The Buffalo News report Sunday about the possibility of  a Los Angeles company buying and then moving the Buffalo Bills has led other media sites to write about it.

A Bills move would be a psychological death blow to the area.

The Bills are the heart and soul of Buffalo. They keep the city together. Without the Bills, Western New Yorkers wouldn’t have something to take their minds off of the weather in the fall and winter.

Seriously, what would you talk about with friends during the week if the Bills left?

Movies during those two seasons stink, with big budget films saved for the summer. Also, many people don’t have the money to take advantage of activities on Lake Erie.

The Bills are a large part of the area’s identity. Our history is rooted in factories that paid employees just enough to live, with a little extra for entertainment that often was spent on the Bills.

Yeah, there are probably some activities that area residents enjoy that I am unaware of now.

I am about to complete my bachelor’s degree this week. I likely will have to leave for a good paying job. The chances of my leaving would definitely increase if the Bills left as there would be more unemployed sports reporters with vast more experience than I have.

In the end, if the Bills leave, the possibility of the city turning around would be almost zero.