Football will always be better


The NHL Stanley Cup  Finals between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks  reminded me of why football will always be better.

Throughout the series one thing kept hammering home to me as I watched the games. That is the NHL has to address rules in regards to defense.

The Bruins, like several other teams, are hard to watch, because they play a defense that kills offensive production. For evidence of that you have to look no further than the Canuck’s Daniel and Henrik Sedin.

The brothers were non-existent in the playoffs as every time one of them approached the blue line they were approached by several Boston Bruins.  Even if one of them got a shot off it wasn’t that good of a chance to score.

Slowly and surely the NHL has reverted back to putting the whistle away as throughout the season penalties being called were less and less. Then the playoffs hit and players started to get away with bloody murder.

In the end, until the NHL makes rules to ban certain defenses the NHL will always be the red headed stepchild of the NFL.