Lebron and Wade get what they deserve


Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and forward LeBron James before game five of the National Basketball Association Finals mocked Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki’s fever.Well they got what they deserve as the Mavericks took game six to win the NBA Championship 105-95.

Many NBA fans have hated the Heat for what James did to his old team in the Cleveland Cavaliers in ditching them to join forces with Wade. However, what they pulled before game five possibly cemented their role as villains to many and that makes watching the Heat go down in flames all the sweeter.

James once again crumbled under the pressure as once the stakes rose James turned into a mere average player. Sunday night James had a okay night scoring 21 points with four rebounds and six assists.

The problem is the heat outside the big three have nothing and that doesn’t make for a championship team. What makes a great team is a collection of players that excel in the roles they are brought on for.

During the Chicago Bull six NBA title run they head three-point shooting specialist in guardsĀ  John Paxton and Steve Kerr. At power forward was their rebounding specialists in Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman who also put in the occasional basket. Then when guard Michael Jordan couldn’t get a good shot he would dish it off to Scottie Pippen who would make himself available in case Jordan had to dish the ball off.

The Heat don’t have those type of players, especially guys that make themselves open if needed. All the Heat players seem to do is just stand there hoping someone will shoot the ball.

In the end, the Heat will never win a NBA title, because simply James and Wade are not complementary players.

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