A tough time ahead for Brady


Tom Brady has a lot going for him with three Superbowl titles, a superstar wife and a top notch organization in the New England Patriots.

However, there are tough times ahead for Brady.

According to the San Jose Mercury New, via Pro Football Talk, Brady’s quarterback mentor Tom Martinez has been told by doctors that he has anywhere from a week to a month to live depending on medication. The news was dictated to his daughter Linda Martinez Haley and was then posted subsequently on Facebook.

Martinez has suffered complications over the years from his battle with diabetes and that apparently is the cause for the grim news.

This will obviously have an effect on Brady coming up this season as for the first time in many years he won’t have his mentor to turn to when times are tough. Brady is turning 34 this year and sooner or later his skills will erode. At that transitional stage you would want some like Martinez around to help point out the things that you need to do differently now to be successful.

In the end, how Brady deals with this tragic turn of events will determine the Patriots season.



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