Nice going Woodley


Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Lamarr Woodley gave some bulletin board material to their rival Baltimore Ravens recently in comments he made to the NFL Network.

Simply, nice going Woodley.

Woodley stated on the NFL Network, via Pro Football Talk, that the Ravens will never make the Superbowl in this lifetime. The thing is does he mean in his football lifetime or regular lifetime, because if he meant the later then he can keep dreaming, because the Ravens will eventually.

Woodley’s statements is down right stupid as the Ravens have a veteran team and will take any statement against them, and use it as motivation.

One other thing Woodley isn’t considering is injuries. Injuries are a big part of football and if the two teams happen to square off in the AFC Conference Championship game one year, and the Steelers lost starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger the previous week to injury, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Ravens will get past them.

In the end, Woodley needs to think before he talks, because the only thing that he has done is make it harder to beat the Ravens.


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