Titans should just cut Britt


Many people knew going into the National Football League lockout that arrests amongst players would be up since they have more times on their hands. However, nobody could expect the stupidity of Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt.

For it the Titans need to should just cut him when the lockout is lifted.

You think that getting arrested once would have changed Britt’s ways for at least a little while. Well apparently he never got that message not once, twice or five other times as Britt was arrested this week for the sixth time in two years, according to the Tennessean, via Pro Football Talk.

One thing is for sure Britt will face some kind of discipline from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as six different offenses in a two year span is simply not excusable.

Yes, I know that the National Football League players association will beg to differ as his last two offenses occurred during the lockout. However, Britt is still an employee of the NFL and since he is still under contract he and others should be held accountable for them once things are settled out.

In the end, Goodell will do something, because if he doesn’t it will send a message that it is okay to violate the law.