Some people are idiots


Last night I wrote that there was most likely going to be something else that would come out i conjunction with Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor and that happened soon there after as it has been reported by that Pryor took in thousands in autograph signings.

It goes to show that some people are idiots.

It is amazing that people, especially college football players, think that they can keep getting away with something if they are doing it time and time again. Not only was Pryor engaging in this frequently he was also leaving a trail of evidence.

First, Pryor engaged in the transactions in front of friends. The thing is a friend could eventually become an enemy and blab about what happened, and that was the case as a former friend of Pryor ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” about it. In addition to witnesses Pryor also left a paper trail by depositing checks from the memorabilia dealer whose name is Dennis Talbott.

It’s amazing to me that these people think that they can get away with something like this. Maybe a few do get away from it, but for the majority of them them they are caught, because college and National Football League players are now such high profile public figures that fans are now diving into their personal lives when they can.

In the end, just don’t do it, because eventually you are going to mess up and get caught.