Coaches that don’t speak out could be in trouble


So far 15 of the 32 National Football League teams have come forward to say that they had no prior knowledge of the National Football League Coaches Association’s brief it filed.

Those who don’t speak out against the brief could be in trouble with their owners.

Billionaires don’t get to be billionaires by being all nice and chummy with employees. They get there by making sure their employees follow what they were instructed to do and don’t speak out against them.

Those who say nothing about the brief give the impression that their coaches support it. Thus, those who support it speak out against their owner’s actions. However, there is one big difference between players and coaches.

That difference is that players are a union and the coaches are a trade association. That means players have more power with owners as they stand as a group. Coaches on the other hand don’t stick together as most of them usually protect numero uno.

There has been some speculation that coaches who speak out against the brief will lose its players as a unnamed player told the Houston Chronicle, via Pro Football Talk, that your with them or not. The thing is though they are under contract and can easily solve this by individual talk to players.

Owners on the other hand are harder to solve problems with as they control the power. Players don’t have that kind of power and are thus subject to do whatever is told of them if they are under contract.

In the end, don’t be surprised after the next football season there are a lot more firings than usual.