The aftermath


Football no matter what level of organized play can leave a person’s life changed when it’s over.

So, here is a look into the aftermath.

Football has left me physically disabled as a result of a injury I sustained on the field. The injury was a disc bulge in the vertebrata near my hips and due to this I developed osteo arthritis in that area.

With arthritis I cannot work most jobs as I cannot lift over 30 pounds. Also, I cannot stand for more than a hour without having to sit due to pain.

Also, due to many concussions my brain has been affected, which has effected chemicals as well.

At a mere age 32-years-old I have to put on androgel for low levels of testosterone. I also suffer from anxiety, depression and memory problems.

To be honest, what has me worried the most are the memory problems. Most of the time memory problems comes in the form of forgetting tasks and where I put stuff. However, there has been more serious incidents as a couple time I have completely forgotten where I am even though I am in a area I am familiar with.

In the end, hopefully college and high school teams will follow the National Football League and start clamping down on dangerous hits and the mentality of playing injured.

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