It was reported last week that the National Football League Coaches Association made a huge error in judgement last week when it filed a brief with the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in conjunction with NFL owners that sided with the players.

Well today’s new got me laughing out loud.

According to Pro Football Talk, three more teams in the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets have joined seven other teams that don’t support the brief. That brings total up to 10 of 32 teams now and the way that is going half the league could be against it by Saturday.

The Bears made the announcement on the team’s website while Eagles head coach Andy Reid released a statement and Jets head coach Rex Ryan told Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal.

If the NFLCA is going to be taken seriously its actions needs to reflect a uniformity amongst all the coaches.

That could prove to be impossible considering coaches get fired all the time. That means a coach is going to look out for himself and not the association.

In the end, the whole brief is a joke and needs to be withdrawn from the court.

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