NFLCA should withdraw brief


The National Football League Coaches Association filed a brief last week that sided with the National Football League Players Association.

After today’s revelation the NFLCA should withdraw its brief.

Since it was filed two teams in the Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints came out publicly stating that they knew nothing of the brief and that they didn’t support it. According to the Associated press, via Pro Football Talk, a third team has come forward to do the same as Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio has come forward stating that none of his coaches knew of the brief before it was reported in the news.

One team is an accidental oversight, two is possibly a coincidence, but three teams coming forward and saying they knew nothing of it before hand is a pattern. What that means is that some of the team got back to NFLCA chief Larry Kennan and told them they supported it. So, with June 3rd’s court date approaching quickly Kennan assumed that the rest who didn’t respond would just join in the fight.

Well he is wrong as this is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Also, we are talking about coaches and it is a cut throat business and that means if you don’t look out for numero uno your going to be on the unemployment line.

In the end, as the saying goes don’t assume, because it makes an ass out of you and me.