The reason why NFLPA will lose in courts


Every now and then I realize something right out of left field and that was the case today while driving to the dentist.

The realization is the very reason why the NFLPA will lose in higher courts.

The thing is that the NFLPA decertified and sued and will recertify again once an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

The problem is that if the higher courts allow this then it will open a Pandora’s Box for all other labor unions to use this type of tactic. Thus, labor unions will have all the power and leverage in negotiations.

Eventually, that will lead to higher expenses for businesses who will then turn to the government and ask for relief in the form of tax breaks. Then that will lead to budget gaps that will be filled by raising taxes or cutting programs.

In the end, the NFLPA will lose, because American cannot afford to do so.

NFL players are getting ancy


The National Football League lockout has been going on for over two months with no end in sight.

It is clear that NFL players are getting antsy.

The most clear and concise evidence that even team representatives are getting antsy comes from the Atlanta Journal Constitution via Pro Football Talk as Atlanta Falcons team representative Coy Wire commented on the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the lockout.

“Hopefully, they can just turn their attention to getting a collectively bargained for agreement,” Wire said. “I think maybe its better that a decision was finally made about the stay and the lockout. Now, we can get down to the important matter at hand.”

Unfortunately, the people that run the NFLPA have other plans as they have still yet to make any counter proposal to the NFL’s two proposals made. The latest being earlier this week in the middle of mediation sessions.

Players are fully aware that their time playing in the NFL is short as it is not all about wear and tear, but mainly on the body’s ability to withstand it. Also, players understand as they get older the hormone levels in their body drop. That means every game matters to an NFL player’s career.

Unfortunately, NFLPA management never got that memo.

In the end, if NFL players want to get back to work they better start speaking out against NFLpa management, because they are the ones that is causing this mess.

NFLPA could crack soon


Already there are clear signs that the financial situation for many NFL players is growing dire.

If things go the owners way the NFLPA could crack soon.

June 3rd is the day that is set for the court to hear the NFL’s appeal of judge Susan Nelson’s ruling. This could be the final straw that could divide as according to Pro Football Talk one NFL player has taken out a $500 thousand loan.

That means there will be many other players that will start taking out loans and NFL players are notorious for blowing through money. So, that means you can expect by the middle of June for players to start complaining, especially players like New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

In the end, it going to be fun watching the verbal barbs fly between NFL players and NFLPA management.


NFLPA looking more pathetic


Like many times before the National Football League Players Association has failed to listen to reason to only take their case to court in hopes of maximizing their leverage against the NFL.

As each day passes the NFLPA is looking more and more pathetic.

The writing on the wall is that the courts will rule in favor of NFL owners in regards to a lockout. Despite that the NFLPA refuses to sit down and do a deal even though NFL owners have made another proposal during the last round of mediation and have done whatever the courts have asked them to do.

The simple fact is that the NFLPA is acting like a five year old child who refuses to leave a store after being denied a new toy. Then when the parent picks him up to leave the store the kid makes it worst by hitting, screaming or whatever he can think of to get put down so he can get that toy.

The fact of the matter is that most NFL players don’t care about the fans or what they think. All they care about is getting paid.

In the end, kick and scream all you want NFLPA it isn’t going to get you what you want.


Take the deal NFLPA


Many Federal Judges go by the law and don’t let  politics get in the way of doing their job. Don’t let that fool you as there is more to it than just the law.

In regards to the labor battle if the National Football League Players Association management have any brains they will take the NFL’s current offer.

The Federal Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court are mainly comprised of republican judges. That means their view of the law is from a more conservative point of view that usually favors big businesses.

What people forget is that these judges have friends and family that are also have similar views to their own. Also, they most likely have friends and acquaintances that have links to other big businesses. These also can have influence on ones decisions.

Then there is the damage that would be done to the NFL, other sports leagues and the economy.

In the end, NFLPA needs to make a decision, because if they wait to long the deal may get worst.


Labor battle will get ugly before it gets better


Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson may be old, but definitely knows the business side of the NFL as he was one of only two owners who voted against the last collective bargaining agreement that was passed in 2006.

Wilson’s recent comments only prove that the labor battle will only get worst before it gets better.

According to the New York Daily News, via Pro Football Talk, making money in Buffalo is tough.

“It’s very difficult,” Wilson said. “We’ve had a tough time. We’ve hung in there. Buffalo has lost population and it’s a tough go. When I came in the league, it was the 14th largest city in the league. All the corporations moved out of Buffalo. We’re doing alright. We will make it, but it’s not easy.”

Basically, what Wilson is saying that there are only a few options that will work financially. First, the players have to be given a lower percentage of revenue as they make too much any which way. Then either revenue sharing between teams would have to increase or the NFL would have to go back to the old designated gross revenue formula.
With what has been reported it seems that the owners would like to go with an updated version of the old system. That way teams won’t have to share revenues like luxury suites.
The fact of the matter is that owners have dug their heels in the dirt, and are in this for the long haul.
In the end, if NFL players want to play football anytime soon they better get their rears back to the negotiating table.

Someone will sign McNabb


Geoff Mosher of, via Pro Football Talk, believes that National Football League quarterback Donovan McNabb’s career could be over.

Rest assured someone will sign him.

The NFL is a quarterback driven league and McNabb before last year was one of the best. However, last year with the Washington Redskins he hit a speed bump as  he threw for 3,315 yards passing with 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

Mosher feels that the with one time Philadelphia Eagles assistant and current Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier taking a rookie in this past April’s NFL Draft, along with his age, ego and injury issues teams will pass on him. That will be far from the case when it comes to McNabb.

What people forget is that McNabb was in one offensive system his whole entire career until last year. That means when even a veteran learns something new there are going to be mistakes. Also, if you look at his career stats he has a bad year every so often.

That was the case in 1995 when Shanahan took over the Denver Broncos with Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway at the helm. That year Elway’s completion percentage went down from the previous year and threw more interceptions.

In the end, you can be sure if there is a season in 2011 that McNabb will be starter somewhere and will have another solid year.

It’s been a long month


Only half of May has passed by and already a lot has happened to me this month.

Simply, it’s been a long month.

On April 29th my wife and I had our third child a boy we named Matthew Tyler Kasprzak. The thing is my wife was only 31 weeks and only 1lb 14oz.

That means currently he is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital.

Fortunately, he is doing well as all the ultrasounds that have been done has comeback negative. Previously, they were concerned about his intestines and hear, but so far those are fine.

That means for me I been driving out to the hospital everyday and by the time I get home I am exhausted.

I want to blog, but there are times where I am just down right so tired I just fall asleep at night.

In the end, thanks for reading and I will do my best to keep the blogs coming daily.

Johnson is a breath of fresh air


When it comes to interviewing an athlete, especially one in the National Football League, one can expect a whole bunch of sport cliches, but not with Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

Simply, Johnson is a breath of fresh air when it comes to interviews.

Johnson in a interview with and commented on New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush’s comments on Twitter that he is enjoying the lockout.

“That’s blown way out of proportion,” Johnson said. “There is not one NFL player who hasn’t enjoyed (time off during) the lockout. I’m just being straight up honest. I don’t think he should have to apologize for that. That’s terrible to even have to apologize for saying that. I’m having a good time during this lockout enjoying my family more and (getting new opportunities).”

The fact of the matter is Johnson is right NFL players are enjoying their time off, because football has become a year round sport where during the offseason they get weekends off in the spring, three weeks off before the start of training camp and a couple weeks off after the completion of the season. By the time the season ends many players are banged up and tired from the long regular season.

I can remember back in high school by the end of a eight game regular season we were all banged up and tired from practice and all the stuff we had to do in addition to playing. I cannot begin to fathom the mental strain that these guys go through on a daily basis. There definitely has to be days where they wakeup and don’t want to get out of bed, but somehow manage to.

Now don’t get me wrong many NFL players probably want to get back into the swing of things as it has been over two months since many of these guys even touched a practice field. Johnson even went on to confirm this later in the article.

“Everybody in the NFL has that mode where they feel that when they wake up in the morning, they want to be playing football,” Johnson explained. “We’re professionals, we play football for a living. Everybody has that mode. But why not enjoy your time off? Once the lockout is over, everyone will be focused for what they have to do for their teams.”

In the end, next time you think about the lockout just remember that players aren’t suffering they are enjoying their time off for now.

How long can Colston last?


New Orleans Saints wide receier Marques Colston has been an integral part of the Saints offense as he is quarterback Drew Brees main target in their passing game.

However, with his recent surgery the question is how long can Colston last in the National Football League?

According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, via Pro Football Talk, Colston had microfracture surgery on his right knee. The thing is if this was Coltson’s first microfracture surgery the new wouldn’t call for concern.

However, that isn’t the case as this was his second microfracture surgery, which was on his right knee. The other one was on his left knee in 2009. In addition to microfracture surgery Colston had a procedure done on his right wrist earlier this offseason.

Clearly, after five years in the NFL Colston’s body is already showing wear and tear, along with breaking down. That means within the next five years some more injuries will set in, and the accumilation of those injuries will cause his performance to decline.

In the end, all the Saints can do is keep a watchful eye on Colston and have a backup plan for when it becomes clear that Colston must be replaced.