More evidence players think their crap smells like roses


Well we all have heard time after time the huge egos that current National Football League players have.

Well here is more evidence NFL players thinks their crap smells like roses.

According to the Chicago Tribune, via Pro Football Talk, in a interview with 86 year old former NFL player Sherman Howard the first thing current players bring up when talking to retired NFL players is how much money they make.

They are not receptive to the older fellows,” said Howard, who played halfback for the Cleveland Browns and New York Yanks in the late 1940s and early ’50s and later taught for 32 years in Chicago. “They think finances is the main thing. The first thing they say is: ‘How much did you make?’ Well, that’s not the point.”

Howard has it right the first thing that players should be asking is details about what made them great. Instead we got a bunch of spoiled brats walking around thinking that even the old guys made a boat load of money.

It has been pretty evident that a lot of the current players have their heads so far up their rears it would take until next year to get it out from the way they have treated pension and health care issues of retired players.

People care about retired players, because they are old, cannot take care of themselves due to health issues, made jack squat when they player and get jack squat from their pensions. Compared to current players they made peanuts. For example, practice squad players on current teams make $30 thousand a year and that is more than even some of the top players did back in the day.

In the end, the players are fighting a battle that they just cannot win.