NFLPA needs to learn


The National Football League Players Association has taken to the court to lift the current lockout placed by NFL owners to gain leverage once negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement commences, but are fighting a losing battle.

Simply, the NFLPA needs to learn how to conduct a better labor battle.

Here in Buffalo Kaleida Health union workers CWA 1168 contract expired on May 31st, but they are still on the job. However, negotiations have been tough and on June 17th will start an informational picket outside Women and Children’s Hospital Of Buffalo.

The NFLPA could learn a thing or two from this as CWA 1168 are only starting to take action after three and a half months of negotiations. The NFLPA negotiated for two weeks and then decertified and sued the NFL. Since then only a couple of mediated sessions have taken place.

Yes, I know that there were circumstances like the NFLPA would have to wait six months to file an antitrust lawsuit if they didn’t decertify before the expiration of the last CBA. However, what the NFL is doing is downright illegal as they are abusing the law for their own personal gain.

The thing is though if they handled it another way people may actually be on their side. To do that all the NFLPA had to do was keep extending the current year that would allow CBA negotiations going. Yes, the NFLPA would of had to give up some money, but they would have gained a lot in the form of other amenities like lifetime health care, which was offered in March by NFL owners.

In the end, NFL players will be kicking themselves when they look back on this, because if they gave a little they would have gained a whole lot.