AEG and Rogers can forget about the Bills


Another potential buyer for the Buffalo Bills emerged Thursday as the Wall Street Journal reports that Doubleline Capital founder and former Trust Co. West manager Jeffery Gundlach is interested in buying the Bills.

The news clearly states that AEG and Rogers Communication can forget about buying the Buffalo Bills.

Both AEG and Rogers Communication in the past have expressed interest in purchasing the team. However, as time goes on that is starting to become less and less likely as many former Buffalonians are coming to the rescue.

This is one of those examples as Gundlach isn’t just interested in buying the Bills as an investment as the purchase is personal to him.

“It’s not an investment,” he said. “It’s because I love the Bills.”

Will Gundlach end up buying the team who knows, but what is for sure is that once the time comes for the Bills to be sold someone who is originally from Buffalo or has some kind of tie to the area emerge to save the team.

In the end, AEG and Rogers Communication can go suck a lemon, because the Bills will always remain in Buffalo.