Father time is catching up


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has undergone a surgery on his neck.

With this being the second time in 15 months it is clear father time is catching up to the elder Manning.

This time around the surgery is to repair a problem with a disk. The first one was to alleviate a problem that was causing a pinched nerve in one of Manning’s shoulders.

It was clear to ESPN’s Ron Jaworski that Manning lost a little bit of velocity on his throws. That leads me to believe that Manning is trying to find every avenue possible to gain back his arm strength. The reason being problems with one’s neck can lead to muscle weakness or numbness in parts of the body.

What the real problem is for Manning is that he is 35 years old and has been to the Superbowl twice in his career. In other years there have been several AFC Championship games as well as multiple games in the divisional rounds.

In the end, Manning has played in a lot of post season football games and finally all of those beatings are starting to show.