American Idol vindicates NFL


Many people feel that the National Football League over protects its players, especially quarterbacks.

With what unfolded on American Idol Tuesday the NFL is now vindicated.

Early on Tuesday TMZ reported that American Idol Finalist Lauren Alaina lost her voice and would most likely have to drop out of the finals. Well that didn’t happen as a doctor froze her throat and performed Tuesday.

What this incident shows is that no matter the competition when there is something on the line people will only look at the short term goal and not the long term picture.

In this case there is a good possibility that Alaina damaged her vocal cords from performing Tuesday all in the name of winning a competition. The thing is many of the contestants go on to get a chance in the music industry if they are in the top five.

For example, rocker Chris Daughtry is the most commercially successful artist of the show and he only placed fourth in the competition. A couple more examples who have had solid careers who haven’t won are Clay Aiken, Kellie Pickler and Bucky Covington.

Simply, what she is doing is just down right stupid, because even if she doesn’t make it in the music industry there are other options like Broadway as many have transitioned to musicals and have been successful like Constantine Maroulis.

In the end, rules like the NFL have are necessary, because people simply cannot help themselves as name recognition is the ultimate prize.