Saints sellout is shocking


With no new collective bargaining agreement in sight many teams are struggling to sell season tickets this year.

That is essentially what makes the New Orleans Saints announcement just down right shocking.

According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, via Pro Football Talk, the Saints have announced that they have sold out the entire 2011 season. The thing is the Superdome isn’t a small venue as it houses 73,000 fans, so that feat in a time where there is doubt about football says a lot.

What it says is how much the Saints mean to that community as no matter how bad things get. That was obvious after Hurricane Katrina as the people of New Orleans packed the Superdome to welcome their team back after having to play a year in San Antonio, TX.

In the end, it would be nice to have football this year, but the way it is going don’t count on it as National Football League Players Association has their head stuck way up their rear.

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