Manning needs to face the music


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is one of the plaintiffs in the National Football League Players Association antitrust lawsuit against NFL owners and since then has acted like a hermit out in the middle of nowhere.

The fact of the matter is Manning needs to face the music.

Manning didn’t allow cameras or reporters at players only workouts held somewhere in Indianapolis. However, that is not the disturbing thing as Manning made several demands before an appearance at Pop Warner football football event in Brocton, MA. Those demands included no reporters, no cameras and nobody to publicize the event before hand or he might not show.

Really? Two word for you buddy….GROW UP!!!

Manning is an first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback in the NFL and with that status comes constant media attention.

If he doesn’t want that type of media attention then retire. The reason being the NFL has become one of the premier forms of entertainment in America next to movies and quarterback is the most important position on a NFL team. So, naturally the best are going to get tons of attention.

In the end, it just goes to show how much of self-centered egotistical jerk Manning really is.



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