Its going to be up to the three Musketeers


The Buffalo Bills didn’t address the pass rush in last April’s National Football League.

That means it is up to the Three Musketeers to provide the Bills pass rush.

Obviously, the first guy in line is outside linebacker Shawne Merriman as earlier in his career he was a force to be reckoned with. However, injuries have side tracked him the last two years.

Next would be fellow outside linebacker arthur Moats who stepped in late last year and showed a lot of promise. Most likely he will be given the chance to compete with starting outside linebacker Chris Kelsay.

Finally, there is outside linebacker Aaron Maybin. So far, he has been a big disappointment as last year he wasn’t even on the active roster at times.

However, he is good friend with Merriman and with now being teammates Maybin could eventually develop into a capable starter.

In the end, all three will get their time on the field as football is a brutal sport it will be a matter of being prepared that will make or break the pass rush.