Smith better be careful


National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith was a guest speaker at the University of Maryland’s commencement ceremony.

After reading what Smith said he better be careful.

When Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States it showed that night that young people are realizing the power that the media wields. Unfortunately, Smith never got that memo.

Smith at the ceremony antagonized students there by stating that he wants football too. The fact is though  if he really wanted that to happen he wouldn’t be standing there giving the speech in the first place.

Smith’s first responsibility is getting the best deal possible for the NFLPA and the better the deal the more likely he will be reelected executive director of the NFLPA. Second would be to accomplish the first by any means possible and that includes lying to the press to get tehme

In the end, people aren’t stupid and the longer this takes the more likely things will turn ugly.

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